Ride for Santa Cruz Pedicab


If you’d like to become a pedicab driver, these are the steps:

1) Send us your resume to, and let us know why you’d be a great pedicab driver. This is an important step so we know you are applying and can approve your application with the Santa Cruz Police Department. If we think you’d be a good fit for us, we’ll contact you and then:

2) Print and fill out the form “Application for For-Hire Vehicle Permit” (PDF) and give it to Santa Cruz Police Department, 155 Center St., between 9 – 4 pm, Monday – Thursday. Also bring :
* 2 passport photos (1″x 1″), which you can get done at the post office ($15), Bay Photo lab ($16), or the photobooth at the Boardwalk, which is the cheapest.
* A photocopy of your Driver’s License.
* A photocopy of your driver’s license
* A DMV printout of your driving record, available for $2 at

When you turn these in, ask for a “Request for Live Scan Service” from the reception desk.

3) Take the “Request for Live Scan Service” to the Santa Cruz Live Scan at 877 Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz. and get fingerprinted. You can also get a live scan you can go at the Santa Cruz county building at 701 Ocean St. in Santa Cruz. This will cost you $62 and is a one time fee.

4) Take the form back to the Police Station and turn it in to reception. Then wait. (This may take a day or two, or up to a couple of weeks.)

5) Once you have your operator’s permit, email to set up a training session (typically one to two hours).

Now you’re ready to roll!

There is no need for you to buy insurance, our pedicabs are already fully insured. Lease fees are reasonable and flexible. Customers really enjoy our pedicab service!  It puts a smile on their face and money in your pocket!